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Prevention of sexual violence and harassment in higher education

PREV-HED is an Erasmus+ project aiming to combat sexual harassment in European Universities









Our goal

PREV-HED facilitates the exchange of good practices between universities, promotes innovative prevention strategies and fosters the training of managers and teachers.

Our goal is to fight against sexual harassment in universities, to strengthen the skills of all professionals, to raise awareness of respectful behavior and to prevent sexist and sexual violence and in addition to set up reporting and support mechanisms for victims.

Moreover, the project aims to promote a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students and faculty members and to focus on the prevention of gender-based and sexual violence, which is considered an important issue in the European higher education sector.

Project tasks

WP1: Project management

WP2: Dissemination and exploitation

  • Task 2.1. Creation of the visual identity of the project and the dissemination tools: social media and webpage of the project
  • Task 2.2. Crossed dissemination and presentation of the project in third-party events
  • Task 2.3. Elaboration of the exploitation and sustainability plan

WP3: Research on existing protocols in HEI and best practices in individualised support and creation of training materials

  • Task 3.1. Research on best practices and effective supporting system for victims of SRGBV
  • Task 3.2. Definition of the training curricula and training materials for the course for teachers and staff of HEI partners
  • Task 3.3. Creation of the training materials
  • Task 3.4. Translation of the curricula and training materials into the languages of the HEI partners

WP4: Training platform for experts and chatbot for reporting

  • Task 4.1. Creation of the eLearning platform
  • Task 4.2. Virtualization of training materials
  • Task 4.3. Implementation of the MOOC in all project languages
  • Task 4.4. Creation of a chatbot for identification and reporting of cases inside each institution

WP5: Piloting

  • Task 5.1. Selection of participants on the pilots
  • Task 5.2. Teacher’s training academy: train the trainers activity for the internal pilots in Austria
  • Task 5.3 Pilot on the participant HEIs - Validation of the training materials via internal workshops. National pilots. Staff per university will be trained to become a contact point of the SRGBV office of each HEI
  • Task 5.4. Report on recommendations for HEI institutions willing to implement the program internally
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